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Gift Ideas

Our attractive Gift Certificates are a great way to show you care. Gift Certificates are available in a variety of denominations or choose one of our Gift Packages below.

Perfect for happy birthdays, showing appreciation, thank-you's and special occasions. If you are short on time, we can mail them out for you. The gift of health is a great choice.

For the Mom-to-Be

Prenatal Massage
The weight is shifting, the muscles are pulling! Let our trained therapist ease her aches.
60 min. $100.00.

For the Weekend Warrior

Sports Massage
Assisted stretching, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy -- everything the occasional athlete needs to prepare and soothe shocked muscle groups!
60 min. $100.00; 90 min. $140.00

Golfer's Massage
Featured on TV and in magazines galore, this signature massage focuses on improving the golf swing by increasing flexibility and addressing repetitive motion problems.
60 min. $100.0; 90 min. $140.00.

For the Hard-Core Athlete

Sports Massage
Gets blood flowing to dehydrated muscles, relieving kinks, knots and muscular congestion. Also improves flexibility and feels darn good!
60 min. $100.00; 90 min. $140.00.

Deep Tissue Massage
Treats those knots and kinks by concentrating on specific muscle groups. Ideal for those with chronic or acute problem areas.
60 min. $100.00; 90 min. $140.00.

Ginette Blier, RMT, Whole Health Massage Therapy